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I started my mastering career in the early 90s in Tammisaari together with the legendary Otto Donner.

My first job was to transfer Love Records analog tape masters to digital. I also went to Sweden to study recording and mixing, inspired by all knowledge I gathered from there I started to record and mix albums. Live sound was also a big part of my professional life at that time. While doing recording, mixing and mastering I was working for 10 years at the Swedish Theatre as a musical sound designer.

Around year 2000 I decided to focus on mastering only and have done that ever since.

                 -and still loving it !

Svante F

Svante Forsbäck/Owner


the client is always right

Mastering can be very subjective and there is no right or wrong. For me it really matters that the producer or artist has achieved the sound they were looking for. The mastering engineer is also a important support for the mixing engineers by giving them mix feedback before the mastering session. I think personally that one of my greatest strengths  are listening to my clients and having patience when things get's a bit stressful or out of hand :)