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You can send for ex send wetransfer or dropbox links directly to our emails.

If you want, you can also include references and requests about the overall sound picture.

For vinyl, a different master is often required in addition to CD/digi, so do clearly tell us if you are releasing on vinyl.

We also offer Mastered for iTunes and Spotify/YouTube optimization.

Reme‍‍mber to include your invoice details. Invoices will be sent by email but we also need a street address and VAT number (outside Finland).

We accept: 16, 24 and 32-bit WAV and AIFF files at 44.1-192kHz.

If you have demo-mastered versions that can help us achieve your sound vision more easily, please also send/bring them.

Please name all your tracks properly and include the band/artist name, track order and ISRC codes, if used.

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Svante has mastered thousands of albums over the last 20 years. However, such a vast amount of mastering isn't what makes a great engineer. That comes from treating every track with the same passion and dedication.

Henkka has profound respect for the heart of the sound and relentless enthusiasm for the highest-grade analog equipment. It's a successful formula that's resulted in an extensive résumé packed with hit records.

A taste of Svante's 4000+ references:

Rammstein, Volbeat, Sunrise Avenue, Michael Monroe, Pain, The 69 Eyes, Apocalyptica, Backyard Babies, Till Lindeman, Von Hertzen Brothers, Entombed, Eppu Normaali, Egotrippi, Dragonforce, Amaranthe, JVG, Huoratron, Olavi Uusivirta, S-Tool, Paleface, Vesala, Poets of the Fall, Thunderstone, The Rasmus, Dregen, Sonata Arctica, Alan Walker, Mwuana

Henkka’s recent mastering credits include:

Skepta(UK), Chip(UK), Cas(UK), Joker(UK), Abi Ocia(UK), Filthy Gears(UK), Sofi de La Torre(DE), Jenni Vartiainen, AJ&Deno(UK), Ben Mitkus(SWE), Bess, Shorty(UK), KOI, Erin, P Money(UK), Chisu, Geko(UK), Cheek, Maija Vilkkumaa, JME(UK), Darude, Janna, Jonsu, Annukka, Chloe, Samae Koskinen, Leone(UK), J HUS(UK), Stina Girs, Sanni, Ed Sheeran(UK) and many more…

More of Svantes References

Henkka's room is in Kalasatama (Fish Market) in East Helsinki inside the The Grind Studios complex. It's a cool loft location next to the meat packaging district, where the neighbours are top Finnish producers and songwriters.

A disciple of simplicity and quality, Henkka's room is built around an Amphion 5.1 speaker system, top-of-the line converters, and a proven analog chain.

Henkka has a remarkably eclectic portfolio from cutting edge urban genres, through to popular and traditional. His Chartmakers East credits include world-famous international artists.



Perfect mastering needs great gear in combination with great ears. It's also essential to have a variety of tools to cover all genres and styles and to be able to get the most out of every track. It's about the right chain, and great gear in just the right order. We have studied the best gear available and chosen our arsenal with great care.

You can unlock the potential in your music with a great master. Experience and subtlety are key. You need a delicate touch. We aim to get the most out of every track for every artist. We will give your music the attention and care it deserves, to help you succeed and realize your vision, both musically and commercially.

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Chartmakers East

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Svante's playground is in the leafy suburb of Nöykkiö, Espoo, just outside Helsinki. The quiet streets outside belie the mayhem, fireworks and joy in the wide range of music running through Chartmakers West.

While much of Svante's output is heavy, he is also mastering engineer of choice for all kinds of popular household-name artists and national treasures.

The studio is built around Eggleston Works Savoy speakers. Svante has built up his perfect mastering chain by scrutinizing virtually every known mastering tool.

Chartmakers was founded in 2005. Svante and Henkka have set the standard for professional mastering ever since. The first Chartmakers was located in Töölö, Helsinki. In 2013, Svante moved his studio to Espoo. Soon after that Henkka moved to Kalasatama, Helsink‍‍i. Under one banner, Chartmakers East and Chartmakers West were born.

Mastering Excellence since 2005

Grammy Nomination!

Svante has received  a nomination with Candlemass feat Tony Iommi / Best Metal Performance