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The Eggleston Room

This room is equipped with Egglestonworks Savoy loudspeakers. They are recognised as one of the most resolute, detailed, and musically accurate speakers available in the world. This room has no console between the speakers and the listener which makes it a great place to finalise projects or just listen to music. This rooms is also used for checking vinyl testpressings.

The Lounge

Cousy lounge for relaxing if the mastering session gets boring. Bose consumer 5.1 system available here. This is also a great room to enjoy a beer or two.

The Golf Simulator

It´s not all about music. Every studio should have a golf simulator :)

In this room it's possible to improve your golf  swing.

The ball flight is reproduced by a Foresight GC2

iwood R5v8Xtc0ecg unsplash

We now have

Dolby Atmos!

Atmos is powered Genelec speakers

R E A D   M O R E

We now have

Chartmakers Oy

[email protected]

Delivery Instructions

We accept: 16, 24 and 32-bit WAV files at 44.1-192kHz.

If you have demo-limited versions that can help us achieve your sound vision more easily, please also send/bring them.

Please name all your tracks properly and include the band/artist name, track order and ISRC codes, if used.

Remember to include your invoice detail. Invoices will be sent by email but we also would need a street adress.

Additional services

For vinyl, a different master is often required in addition to Cd/digi, so do inform us if you are releasing on vinyl.

We also offer Apple Digital Master and Spotify/YouTube optimisation.

F I L E    U P L O A D