Click the link a‍‍‍bove to send by Hightail. You can also send wetransfer and dropbox links directly to our emails.

‍‍‍If you want, you can also include references and requests about the overall sound ‍‍‍picture.

‍‍‍Delivery in‍‍‍structions

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Additional services

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‍‍‍Char‍‍‍tmakers East

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‍‍‍‍‍‍Chartmake‍‍‍rs West

Chartmakers West

Paimenenkallio 3b

‍‍00230 Espoo


Chartmakers East

Vanha Talvitie 13

‍‍00580 Helsinki


We accept: 16, 24 and 32-bit WAV and AIFF files at 44.1-192kHz.

If you have demo-mastered versions that can help us achieve your sound vision more easily, please also send/bring them.

Please name all your tracks properly and include the band/artist name, track‍‍‍ order and ISRC codes, if used.

Reme‍‍mber to include your invoice details. Invoices will be sent by email but‍‍‍ we also need a street address and VAT number (outside Finland).

For vinyl, a different master is often required in addition to CD/digi, so do clearly tell us if you are releasing on vinyl.

We also‍‍‍ offer Mastered for iTunes and Spotify/YouTube optimization.

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