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We have always been a fans of analog. Digital sounds great too, but analog is just more fun and makes things happen faster. The way different pieces of analog gear interact with each other is something special that we believe helps us to craft perfect masters.

Experience and wide genre knowledge are key to getting the highest quality results. One of the hardest things in mastering is to l‍‍‍earn and understand every artist's preferences. Everybody has their own unique taste and a big part of our job is to embrace that and combine it with our craft. We love working with all kinds of artists and all kinds of music. We love what we do.

Chartmakers was founded in 2005. Svante and Henkka have set the standard for professional mastering ever since. The first Chartmakers was located in Töölö, Helsinki. In 2013, Svante moved h‍‍‍is studio to Espoo. Soon after that Henkka moved to Kalasatama, Helsink‍‍i. Under one banner, Chartmakers East and Chartmakers West were born.

Perfect mastering needs great gear in combination with great ears. It's also essential to have a variety of tools to cover all genres and styles and to be able to get the most out of every ‍‍‍tr‍‍‍ack. It's about the right chain, and great gear in just the right order. We have studied the best gear available and chosen our arsenal with great care.

You can unlock the potential in your music with a great master. Experience and subtlety are key. You need a delicate touch. We aim to get the most out of every track for every artist. We will give your music the attention and care it deserves, to help you succeed and realize your vision, both musically and commercially.

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